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    I can't login?

    If you can't login, please check different possible issues and solutions below:

    Permission for Facebook

    It is important to give TicketSwap permission when you login via Facebook. If you rejected permission, it’s possible that when you try again, you will not be able to login. To undo this, you can delete us in your Facebook settings here. Once you have done this, TicketSwap can ask for access again. Please accept and you can login! Once you have taken all the steps to verfiy your email address, you can delete your Facebook account without losing access to your TicketSwap account.

    Browser plugins or antivirus software 

    It's possible that the connection between TicketSwap and Facebook has been blocked by a browser plugin or antivirus software. Please check your extensions and/or antivirus software to see if they are set up correctly.
    The following list shows you some browser extensions and antivirus programs that cause most of the problems:

    Disable Google Chrome extensions


    Disable Firefox Add-ons